Natural Resources Preservation

Natural Resources Preservation
  • Master plans for governments, institutions and large industries to assess their share of the resources, recent trends in depletion and contamination and suggesting short-term and long term interventions, control and conservation measures including governance, regulatory compliance, capex and opex for management and institutional capacity building
  • Water
  • Land
  • Soil
  • Agriculture
  • Bio diversity

Environmental Risk Assessment and Insurance

Environmental Risk Assessment and Insurance
  • Advisory services on above for industries, infrastructure and large development projects
  • Environmental Risks
  • Emissions, discharges & contamination
  • Geo Hazards
  • Societal risks
  • Bio diversity losses
  • Due diligence for new and contaminated sites

Environmental Insurance

Environmental Insurance
  • Regulatory exposures, including changes in environmental laws requiring responses to pollution.
  • Supply chain risk.
  • Operational exposures that result in the discovery of existing pollution conditions or new conditions related to spills and releases.
  • Legacy exposures resulting from divestitures, acquisitions, plant closings, non-owned disposal sites, or company restructuring.
  • Cleanup projects that can absorb significant financial resources and often result in expensive cost overruns.

Advisory Services to MSME (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises)

Advisory Services to MSME (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises)
  • Helping the MEME sector in meeting environmental safeguards
  • Pollution Control
  • Capacity Building & Monitoring
  • Policy framework
  • Recycling and reuse
  • Training
  • Awareness

Sustainability & SDG 2030

Sustainability & SDG 2030
  • Support services to Corporate and Institutions
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Sustainability Performance Evaluation
  • Action Plans to meet SDGs